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You have a story..

..so does everyone.
We've all started writing our stories the moment we start living and compell ourselves to write something great.

Wether you're teaching, creating something or want to be the best at the service you provide, we all live to convey our message of greatness.

I love telling these stories through film, art, animation and designs.
So wether you've got a sollution for a complicated issue that's hard to convey, or want to spar about how to rewrite systems and assumptions: Get in touch,
I'm sure we're able to tell your story together.



  • Januari 2019 - Present

    Avans Innovative Studio


    Creative Thinking Pressure-cooker
    Due to the unpredictable nature of many parts in the creative process, it's natural to feel a bit uncomfortable tackling projects that don't seem to have a clear-cut solution before.
    Since creativity is like a muscle you can exercise, I felt it necessary to adapt a serious training regimen in order to kickstart every project from muscle memory.

    Enter Avans Innovative Studio: A minor focused on dishing out new projects using Creative Thinking-methods every two weeks, meant for students from different backgrounds to focus on their specific goals in the creative process. For me, this means growing as a creative director and project manager.

    Click here to see more about these projects.

  • March 2016 - Present


    Academy for Bildung-eduction

    'Creative Thinking' Trainer, Projectmanagement, Media & IT
    As one of the founding members I comfortably adapted a leading role with website development, visual design and marketing.
    After settings things up, I started using my interests and experience to develop a workshop called 'Creation & Inspiration'
    which ran over a year before I passed the reigns to a new generation of trainers.

  • July 2017 - January 2019


    Creative Agency

    Partner, Creative Director

    After my internship at E-sites, I was given the opportunity to establish and direct a new creative label within Handpicked Agencies.
    Boldly-XR's main focus was delivering immersive experiences, often challenging us by needing the cutting edge of Virtual and Augmented Reality Technoolgy.
    As a partner I was mainly tasked with business development and creative direction, altough I never shunned a chance to break out my graphics tablet or dive in an editor to block some code.

  • January 2017 - June 2017


    Website Development Agency

    Having some experience with Virtual and Augmented Reality-development, I had found an agency that was looking into ways to employ VR
    and AR in their marketing and development-services. I would often create proof-of-concepts and demos to showcase the value of 360-media and immersive technology.




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